As much as we value our times gathering corporately, true community doesn't happen in a 1-1/2 hour meeting each week. Community happens as we share life together. At CC we gather weekly in homes throughout the city in Community Groups (or CGs).

What are community groups?

CGs are made up of people living-out the Gospel together. God has called us to live as missionaries in every aspect of our lives. We gather to grow in Jesus, share life, and engage in the communities and mission that God has set before us. CGs are the main way to get connected to the life of the church, be cared for, and build relationships within the church.

Our goals

  1. Grow together through engaging in the Story of God.
  2. Become disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.
  3. Build relationally and care for one another.
  4. Identify, equip, and send leaders to start new groups in other areas.


CGs are multi-generational and are open to all! We try to keep groups to 1 hour 15 minutes so there is plenty of time to stay and hang out afterwards if you like. An average group will consist of the following:

  • Light snacks and hanging out.
  • Focusing on God through worship and prayer.
  • Bible storytelling and dialogue that bring out biblical truth with life application.

 Each week stands alone so you can jump in at any time and you won't be lost if you miss a week.

our method

During some our teaching series', groups will follow along with content provided to help engage in conversation.

When groups aren't following a particular series, we use Chronological Bible Storying (or CBS). CBS is a collection of key stories throughout the Bible that allow us to tell God’s big story of redemption and grace. Through CBS, we see that God has a plan for the world and how He has invited us to be a part of His great story of redemption through the work of Jesus Christ. You can learn more about CBS at, share the story.

current nights + times

Tuesdays @ 7pm

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Thursdays @ 7pm


How do I join?

  • Fill out your Connect Card and turn it in.
  • Talk to a CG leader or someone you know in a group.
  • Contact us today!




Join us Sundays at